Activating Boost Mode

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Activating Boost Mode

Boost Mode is a feature unique to Lumos Ultra. You have the option of pushing your helmet to an even brighter setting (at the expense of battery life). To activate it, simply press the ‘boost’ button on the Lumos App and follow the on-screen instructions, or use this guide to walk you through the process.

Pair your Lumos Ultra with the Lumos App. Learn how

Press the ‘boost’ button on the ‘Mission Control’ page of the Lumos App.

Enter the password (found on the scratch-card provided with your Lumos Ultra)

Boost mode is now activated and can be used at the press of a button.

Some tips on when to use Boost Mode.

1. When there is a lot of traffic around and you feel that you need that extra visibility.

2. During rough weather conditions where overall visibility takes a dive.

3. When someone asks you “but is it bright though?” and you want to show them just how bright.

4. When you want to take awesome photos for the gram :)

Boost mode is now activated and can be used at the press of a button.

Turning on your helmet

To turn on, simply quick-press the button at the back of the helmet.

If the helmet doesn’t turn on, it may be out of battery. Please use the supplied USB-C charging cable to charge your helmet until the charging indicator on the power button turns green.

Activating brake lights

Brake lights are only available if you’ve upgraded to the Lumos Remote

Brake lights are useful for letting traffic behind you know that you’re slowing down rapidly so that they can avoid hitting you from behind.

To activate brake lights, use this guide to walk you through the process:

Put your helmet into ‘pairing mode’ by pressing and holding down the power button until the rear lights begin blinking orange.

Whilst in ‘pairing mode’ press the power button 5 times until the red lights activate.

To exit ‘pairing mode’, you must switch off your helmet. Do this by holding down the power button until the helmet powers down.

The brake lights are now activated on your Lumos Ultra.

Alternatively, you can activate the brake lights through the Lumos App.

Pairing your helmet

The Lumos App allows you to personalise your helmet’s settings to suit your riding needs and unlock upgrades on the helmet. To unlock your helmet’s full potential, download the Lumos App before proceeding with this guide:

Download and launch the Lumos App.

Once you've loaded the Lumos App, go to Help Center and click 'pair your helmet'

Put your helmet into 'pairing mode' by pressing and holding down the power button until the rear lights begin blinking orange.

Your helmet should automatically be paired with the app.

Here are some cool things you can do with the Lumos App.

1. Change the light flashing patterns of the front and rear lights to extend battery life or to be even more visible.

2. Check the level of battery left on your Lumos helmet and get notifications to remind you to charge it when it’s low.

3. Adjust the sound notifications that come from your helmet, or turn them off entirely.

How to correctly wear your helmet

Wearing a helmet the proper way is extremely important - please follow the instructions carefully!

A properly fitted helmet should cover a large part of your forehead without obstructing with your vision.

When on your head, use the adjustment wheel to ensure a tight enough fit. It shouldn't feel too tight.

The straps should be tight and you should only be able to put one or two fingers in between your head and the straps.

Ensure a good fit by pushing the front of the helmet up. It should not be able to slide off.

Charging your helmet

To charge, simply lift up the silicon cover at the back of the helmet, and plug in the USB-C cable.

When the helmet is charging, it will blink red. When the helmet is fully charged, the red light will turn solid green to indicate it is fully charged.

A fully drained helmet will take around 2 to 3 hours to be fully charged, depending on the power source.

Some tips on how to charge like a pro:

1) The helmet is designed to stop charging when full, so feel free to charge it overnight while you sleep.

2) Lithium batteries tend to lose capacity over each charging cycle. We recommend charging the helmet only when necessary in order to maximise the life of your Lumos Ultra. 3) Our helmets are designed to be used regularly and don't need a break, however if you want to store it during the cold winters we suggest you to keep it indoors at room temperature and (dis)charge it to about 50%~70% before storage.

Optional Accessories

How to install your visor

The installation of the visor differs slightly between MIPS and non-MIPS helmets. Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure a secure fit.

How to install your bugnet

The installation of the bugnet differs slightly between MIPS and non-MIPS helmets. Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure a comfortable fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Helmet Features

  • With a full charge Ultra will last up to 10 hours in slow flashing mode with the lights set on maximum brightness - and even longer if you adjust the brightness and frequency in the Lumos App.

  • When the battery on the helmet is low, the power button will start flashing red. At this point there is approximately 30min of charge left in the helmet. When the battery of the helmet is critically low and is about to shut off, before it does so, the helmet will beep several times to inform you that it is about to shut off.

    You can also connect the helmet to the Lumos App and check the remaining battery level on your smartphone.

  • It will take about 3-4 hours to fully charge your Ultra helmet. The Ultra helmet has a light close to the power button which breathes red when charging and turns green when fully charged.

  • 1. Please make sure the charging cable is plugged into the helmet correctly.

    2. Try plugging the USB-C cable into different outlets and/or USB ports.

    3. To confirm that it's not a fault with the charging cable, try to use another USB-C cable with your Ultra helmet and see if charging resumes.

  • Yes, you can use the Lumos App to turn off the front and rear lights while still being able to use the turn signals.

    1. Turn on your Lumos helmet and make sure it’s paired to the app.

    2. Launch the Lumos app.

    3. On the Dashboard, select the light setting (1, 2 or 3) you want to change and overwrite. Then remove the dashes that are displayed in the ‘Front Lights’ and/or ‘Rear Lights’ fields. Leaving a straight line, you get a solid light. Removing all dashes, the lights are off.

    Tip: The more dashes you remove, the slower the flashing. One dash translates into one very quick flash.

  • Yes, you can! The app allows you to customize the beeping of the helmet and your turn signals.

    1. Launch the Lumos App and make sure your helmet is paired with the app.

    2. Then press 'Helmet Settings' on your Dashboard.

    3. Scroll down and you will find the Helmet Beeping Settings.

    You can then select to activate or deactivate the turning signals beeps. You can also choose to get a single beep each time you use the remote OR get a beep every 0.5 or 2 seconds. At the same time, you can activate or deactivate the beeps of the helmet when turning it on or off.

  • If your helmet won't turn on:

    It may be totally out of battery. To fix that, just plug in the charging cable to charge it. Be sure that you've plugged in the cable fully. The charging port can be found on the back of the helmet. Lift the flap that is covering the port to avoid water coming in. Plug in the USB-C cable into the helmet and connect to a standard USB port or outlet.

    The Ultra helmet has a light close to the power button which lights up red when charging and turns green to let you know when it's fully charged.

    If your helmet won't turn off:

    There are a few rare cases where we've seen that the helmet becomes 'jammed'. The helmet just stays in a solid mode, and doesn't turn off when the power button is held.

    To solve this issue, simply plug it in to charge. This will put the helmet in a soft reset mode.

  • The automatic brake light feature is an optional add-on for your Ultra helmet. To activate the automatic brake light feature, you will need to upgrade to the Lumos Remote that has a built-in sensor required to activate the warning lights on your Ultra helmet.

    By default, your helmet arrives with the automatic brake light feature turned off. The feature will only work on your Ultra helmet if you have upgraded to the Lumos Remote and it’s paired with your helmet. There are two ways to turn it on. Please check out the how-to on how to activate the automatic brake light feature.

  • Particularly users with a Samsung phone running on Android 10 may face an issue when updating the helmet's firmware.

    If you have tried to update your firmware and you get the error message "DFU disconnected", you can try one of the following two options to resolve your issue. After a successful firmware update you will be able to use the Lumos App on your original phone as usual, also for future firmware updates.

    OPTION 1 - Borrow an iPhone or any phone on Android 9 and below

    If you can find an iPhone to borrow or any phone on Android 9 and below, this is the easier solution. Download the latest Lumos App version on your phone. Pair your helmet with that phone and download the latest firmware update on your helmet.

    OPTION 2 - One-time manual firmware update

    Download the latest version of the Lumos App on your phone. Then follow the steps below to get your helmet in the "Manual Update Mode".

    To get your helmet in "Manual Update Mode":

    1. Shortly press the power button on the helmet, and at the same time plug the charger into your helmet.

    2. If done correctly your helmet is now in "Manual Update Mode" and the rear lights will be blinking orange alternating between left and right.

    3. Open the Lumos App, while the helmet is turned on, and the firmware update screen will show up automatically. If this process does not start automatically, then you can force this by tapping "Helmet Firmware Update" in the Help Center of the Lumos App. Followed by tapping on "Update Firmware" which will start the firmware update.

    4. When the new firmware is updated correctly the app will show "Success", then click OK.

    Please carefully follow these steps as to succeed they need to be followed quite precisely.

    No success?

    Have you tried several times without success? Please email us at with the subject line "DFU Device Disconnected - [phone model], [OS version], [Lumos App version]".

    Please also include:

    1. The S/N of your helmet - which can be found on the white sticker inside your helmet.

    2. The description on what you've tried and where you get stuck.

    3. The version of firmware on your helmet.

  • Pairing

  • You can find out how to pair your Lumos Remote Lite here.

  • Only one helmet can be paired with the Lumos App at any time. If you already have a Lumos helmet paired with your app, you can unpair that helmet and then pair with your Lumos Ultra helmet.

  • The helmet can only be paired with one phone at a time. Everytime you want to use another phone you will have to pair the helmet with the Lumos App on that smartphone first.

  • Remote & Signalling

  • The turn signals may not be working due to any one of the reasons below. Please first check that it isn't one of these issues and if you're still having trouble, do get in touch with us.

    1. Your remote isn't paired with your helmet

    You may need to (re-)pair your helmet with the remote.

    2. The remote battery is empty

    The helmet needs to be charged for it to work. Make sure you're charging it correctly (it lights up green if it’s fully charged). Please also check whether your remote lights up when pressing a button. If no light comes on, you may need to charge or replace the battery - depending on which remote you have.

    3. The helmet is in pairing mode

    This means the helmet was turned on by holding the power button. In this mode, the helmet is only looking for a remote or phone to pair with. It will not respond to your remote signals.
    Solution: You'll need to turn it on normally for the helmet to recognize the remote. You can do so by giving the helmet's power button a short press top power it on.

  • Ultra comes standard with the Remote Lite. However the helmet is also compatible with the Lumos Remote. Please first check which remote you have.

    Lumos Remote Lite

    1. Does the remote flash but not activate the helmet? If so, it probably isn't paired! Simply follow the instructions on how to pair your remote.

    2. It might be out of battery. Check whether the battery has been placed correctly inside the remote. Take it out and place it again, by following the markings inside the remote and on the battery. If that does not help, you may need to replace the 3V Lithium battery CR2032.

    Lumos Remote

    1. Does the remote flash but not activate the helmet?

    If so, it probably isn't paired! Simply follow the instructions on how to pair your remote.

    2. Is it charged?

    Sometimes the remote may be out of charge, especially if it's just out of the box. Plug it into your charging cable and let it fully charge.

    Be sure you're charging it in the correct orientation with the plug. There's a small divider which indicates the correct way to plug it in. When the remote is charging, the R button should light up red. When it is finished charging, the L button should light up green.

  • Smartwatch compatibility

  • Currently our gesture recognition feature only works with Apple Watch. It is compatible with series 1 and above; provided you run watch OS version 4.2 or above.

    There are no plans to change this in the near future as there are too many variations between every single Android Wear devices, and none of them have the same market share as the Apple Watch. Unfortunately, at our team's current size it simply isn't feasible to work on expanding the gesture recognition feature to other smartwatches.

  • Shipping

  • Our support team is happy to help you. Please send an email to so we can help troubleshoot your issue.

    If it appears you've received a helmet with a defect within 30 days of its arrival, we can send you a replacement.

    If your helmet is within the warranty period but beyond the 30 days period, you must contact us at to open your case via email. You will need to send in the helmet at your cost for us to either fix or replace your helmet. Lumos will ship back a helmet to you at our cost. This process may take up to 6 to 8 weeks.

    To claim a replacement within 30 days, please email us with:

    A photo or video of your helmet with the defect. Be sure to include your name in a piece of paper with your name in the photo so we can prove that it is yours.

    Your backer or order number (e.g. US#1234) or a copy of the receipt.

    Please note that our warranty only covers our official channels of, Kickstarter, Indiegogo or on our Amazon page. If you've bought it from an Authorized Retailer, you must bring up your warranty case with them.

  • Your Lumos Ultra helmet comes shipped with a Remote Lite and charging cable in the box. If you've ordered extra accessories or helmets, they may be shipped separately in some cases as they might not be ready at the same time.

    Please keep an eye on our updates on Kickstarter and your mailbox.

    You will receive a notification by email once an item has been dispatched. That email will also inform you of what items you can expect to receive. You can be rest assured that any remaining items will be shipped out once ready and you will be notified accordingly.

    Some general guidelines for Kickstarter backers:

    - The Matrix or Street helmet will be shipped first, your Ultra helmet will follow when it is ready.

    - The Ultra M size will get shipped first, and the S/XL size will follow when it is ready.

    - Gloves may be shipped later and separately.

  • If you are a Kickstarter backer, your answers on the Backerkit survey are leading. You will have received a confirmation email from Backerkit with all the details of your final pledge.

    Please find your Backerkit survey answers to confirm you have received the correct item.

    If you are sure you have not received the correct item, please send us an email at so we can help look up your order and get you the item you ordered.

  • Other

  • If these troubleshooting tips don't work, we'll be happy to assist you at -- to speed up the process, please provide us with the following information.

    A quick summary of what isn't working exactly and what troubleshooting tips you have tried.

    Your backer or order number (e.g. US#1234) or a copy of your receipt.

    Video proof of the issue.

    Serial number of your helmet. You can find this on a white sticker in your helmet.

    Your shipping address and phone number. Used for courier purposes only.

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